Tips on Preparing for Your First Competition

Great preparation could very well win you the battle. Big Thompson CrossFit prepare for battle!

This weekend we are sending several athletes to the Festivus Games at CrossFit Alluvium. For many Team BTC Athletes this will be their very first competition! Here are some tips for prepping this week before you compete Saturday. Good luck Team BTC!

The Week Before: Take it easy!

The week before is the time to cut your load and intensity down and really focus on recovery. Prioritize sleep, healthy food and rest. When you workout, decrease your intensity during a WOD and cut your load.

The week before the competition is not the time to learn new movements, practice your one rep max or sample any of the released workouts. You will only set yourself up for weakness and failure during your competition if you try to “go hard” the week before. When you are overtrained and under high demand, you are at a high risk for injury. Don’t be that person. Eat. Sleep. Technique.

The Night Before: Rest and Hydrate

Pack your gym bag, prep your supplements and food and be ready to go for the next day. Get some social interaction so you don’t let your anxiety get the better of you. Go to bed early.

The Day Of: Stick with Your Routine

In terms of your pre-WOD routine, treat your competition day like any other workout. The day of, you should eat what you normally would in the morning, have the same amount of coffee, the same breakfast, the same steps of your normal morning routine. Don’t make the mistake of trying a new protein before a competition day. You might end up feeling sick during the workout. Your body doesn’t need any other new challenges on competition day, so stick with your routine.

Between workouts, eat light, easily digestible food. Shawna likes to bring rotisserie chicken in ziplock bags, cooked sweet potato, avocado and cucumbers.  Another idea is to make a sweet potato hash filled with diced veggies and sausage. Fats and starches will help you refuel and prep for the next workout. Also, if you tend to have a post-workout recovery drink, you may drink it more than once in your day.

What to Pack:

  • All your normal gear: shoes, oly shoes, belt, knee sleeves, wrist wraps (bring whatever you normally wear)
  • A cooler with your food in it
  • Tall socks, an extra pair of shorts, pants, t-shirt, and sweat shirt
  • Mobility tools like a foam roller and lacrosse ball
  • Supplements in ziplock bags to carry smaller servings
  • Basic first aid – bring a few bandaids, neosporin and athletic tape so you can deal with ripped hands or torn shins easily
  • A camp chair
  • A blanket or yoga mat to lay down on between events
  • Comfy shoes to wear between events
  • A tent or easy-up to stay out of the sun. Talk with other competitors who are going, many times you can share one.

The Week After: Take it Easy!

The week after a competition should feel similar to the week before. After rocking your nervous system and inducing so much stress on your body, you need to rest and recover before uploading. That means for the week coming back you should start slow and start with lighter weights before you go full blast.

When you are done with a competition, your ability to access the power of your central nervous system is compromised, and your body is wrecked from being so loaded with adrenaline. The week after your competition is a time to allow your body to heal and protect it from injury.

Good luck to everyone who is competing this Saturday, make us proud by being the friendly, humble and hard-working Team BTC Athletes you are!

The following fabulous competitors will be competing Saturday: Ashley, Jenni and Shelby.