Whole Life Challenge | 3, 2, 1, Go!

Whole Life Challenge | 3, 2, 1, Go!

In just a few short days, we begin the Whole Life Challenge.

And we hope you’ll join us.

By Saturday, you’ll be focused on your nutrition, exercise, and sleep. You’ll stretch, hydrate, and try the week’s Well-Being Practice.

A few days after that, you’ll begin to feel the effects:

More energy.

More living in the present.

And a sense of that you can absolutely own your health.

And in two weeks you’ll feel the secondary effects:

More productivity at work.

More loving at home.

And sleeping like a teenager every night of the week.

And in four weeks, you’ll know what we knew all along:

That you can take control of your health, performance, and happiness. (And you’ll never go back to the way things were.)

Register for our team by clicking here:  https://play.wholelifechallenge.com/challenges/63/teams/bigthompsoncrossfit

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