Whole Life Challenge | An Official Invitation to You!

What if I told you that in 4 weeks you could participate in something that could change you? Actually transform the way you feel on a daily basis, have you achieve a long-sought performance goal, or make that shift in body composition? That’s what we’re inviting you to do.

 Big Thompson CrossFit is hosting a Whole Life Challenge team and we want you to play with us. This isn’t just any “challenge.” Whole Life Challenge is a program that focuses on 7 Daily Habits:
1) Nutrition
2) Exercise
3) Mobility
4) Hydration
5) Sleep
6) Well-Being
7) Reflection

By participating in the Challenge, you will take on practices that might not be part of your current routine. You’ll open your mind to new concepts of health, wellness, and fitness. You’ll experience the “big picture” when it comes to how you feel and perform. It will be a challenge, but also an exploration and (for those who make it to the end) an accomplishment. We know you’re up to the Challenge, because we see you getting after it every day in the gym. So, who’s in? The Summer Whole Life Challenge begins July 18. 

How to join our WLC Team:
1. Register for our team by clicking this LINK.
2. Create a Whole Life Challenge account.
3. You will then be sent to the registration page to complete the process.
4. Once your registration is complete, you’ll be asked to choose your WLC game settings (note: all this information is private). This includes:Location, height, and weightSelecting a WLC Nutrition Level, sleep amount, and water prescriptionAnswering the Quality of Life questionsOnce you complete registration, Whole Life Challenge will send you everything you need to hit the ground running. We couldn’t be more excited to be hosting this event and can’t wait to see all you accomplish over the 4 weeks of the Summer Whole Life Challenge!
If you have any questions please reach out to Coach Shawna. Shawna@bigthompsoncrossfit.com

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