Whole Life Challenge | What do you have to lose?

Whole Life Challenge | What do you have to lose?

A few days back, we asked you to take part in the Whole Life Challenge, a 4-week program designed to optimize your health and performance in a way you’ve never taken on before.

If you’ve already registered: Congrats. We can’t wait to see all you achieve.

If you haven’t registered: We want to ask you a question. What do you have to lose?

Stop for a moment to consider the things you don’t have right now that you’d really like to have:

A performance goal.

A weight-loss goal.

A less-stress-on-a-daily-basis goal.

Achieving even one of those would be well worth 4 weeks of your life.

So, we invite you to consider that participating in the Summer Whole Life Challenge could help you progress toward any and all of these things.

Plus, your teammates will be there to support you.

We’re in this together. Click here to register: https://play.wholelifechallenge.com/challenges/63/teams/bigthompsoncrossfit/join

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